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Take your affiliate earnings to new levels with The Source Affiliate Program!
Get paid when you send a visitor from your site to and that customer
makes a qualifying online purchase. It’s easy! Commission Junction (The Source
Affiliate Program Partner) qualifies websites with 20 visitors a day up to 1000s a day:
as long as you’re running a legitimate web site - you’re in!

1. Earn Top Commissions!
We provide the best tiered commission structure in the consumer electronics marketplace. We have over 700 stores across Canada, which puts our stores within a 15 minute drive of 85% of the Canadian population. Combine this with our Free Ship to Store offer and you’ve got a winning combination. Our cookie duration is set to 7 days to allow plenty of time for the customer to make a purchasing decision.

2., one great converting website!
Take advantage of our website conversion tools such as Reviews & Ratings, Questions & Answers, Price Match Guarantee, Free Ship to Store, and other resources to help customers make quick purchasing decisions.

3. Promotions & Events!
We’re constantly running new promotions, and as an affiliate partner you can earn top commissions promoting these events. From Daily Deals and weekly events like Clearance Promotions, to special coupons designed specifically for your web site – we give you a reason to make sure our ads are on the homepage every day! We’ll keep you informed of all our promotions so you can leverage these on your website. We also provide banner ads and text links, or you can browse our site and find products and create your own links!

4. Data Feeds!
Take advantage of all our product offers using our data feed. With over 10,000 product skus at your disposal, complete with reg. price, sale price, images, and more, our feed will help maximize your revenue-generating potential.

 • How do I sign up?

Sign up for affiliate program via Commission Junction. As you’re likely already aware, Commission Junction (CJ) is the world’s largest affiliate program management company and provides world class tracking, reporting and other important affiliate marketing services.

 • What are your commission rates?

Gross margins vary according to the category the product belongs to, we’ve set up a comprehensive tiered commission structure to maximize your payouts. With thousands of the latest consumer electronics, we offer the best commission rates on consumer electronics from 0.5% to 7% depending on the category. You can refer to the full commission payout list on our CJ affiliate program details page after you sign up with Commission Junction as an approved Affiliate partner.

 • How do you communicate information on sales & promotions?

We’ve contracted an affiliate management company whose sole purpose is communicating with our affiliate partners. They’ll be providing details on events BEFORE they launch so you have time to prepare. We’ve created a comprehensive set of generic text links and banners of many sizes. In addition for big events at The Source additional promotional banners will be provided ahead of time. In addition you have the freedom to create your own links – all you need to do is add your affiliate tracking code to the URL and your sales will be tracked and paid out accordingly. We’d also suggest that you sign-up for The Source enewsletter, for the latest deal alerts and VIP access to Marketing Events that you can utilize in your networks as well.

 • When will I get paid?

All payments of The Source Affiliate program are managed through Commission Junction. Because we have a 30 day return policy on many of our items, we’ll need to settle any returns or exchanges that occur after the sale. Therefore initial payment will occur 60 days after your first order is placed. Cheques are provided by CJ for total commissions at a minimum of $25. For commission totals below $25, your commission will roll over until your commissions have reached $25.

 • What is the Policy for Search Publishers?

The only restrictions we have is on brand-related search terms – everything else is wide open! So be sure to set up PPC accounts as part of your overall campaign. See our program terms in our publishers section at Commission Junction for downloadable keyword lists and restricted search terms.

 • How do I take advantage of extensive advertising and marketing campaigns?

The Source’s major online and offline marketing and advertising programs will help drive success to your site by making your customers aware of the great products and events that we have ongoing. The Source team provides online banners in a variety of sizes to make it easy for you to place promotions throughout your site in the perfect position. Here is an example of what we provide for different Sales.


Joining the affiliate program is easy and once you've partnered with The Source you'll have the
ability to earn money selling the latest consumer electronics! To learn more about our affiliate program please
visit our CJ Publisher’s information page or email us at - we’re here to help!


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