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Submitting a Resume
If you’re looking for a career at The Source, here are some tips to help your resume make it to the top of the pile.

Tips for your resume
Make sure your resume stands out and makes it easy for us to determine your best fit with our company.
• Create a format that grabs attention, but also flows and is easy to read
• Ensure your cover letter speaks directly to the role for which you are applying
• Clearly define your job objectives and what you are looking for from The Source
• Do include your name and how we can contact you
• Do not disclose any personal information such as age, gender, race, marital status or family status
• Ensure you are representing your education, experience and skill level accurately
• Submit your resume and cover letter as a PDF, Microsoft Word document, HTML or plain text document

Educational Background
Whatever your educational background may be, ensure it is accurately represented on your resume.
• Ensure you list any education you have received or are in the process of completing
• List any training courses you have taken or certificates you have received

Work Experience
Whether you have been working in your field for years, are trying something new, or are fresh out of school, we want to hear about it. This section is very important during our decision, so make sure you include all relevant experience.
• Quantify your achievements and speak to specific achievements you took the lead on, participated in, etc.
• Sell the benefits of your skills as they relate to the position for which you are applying
• Prioritize your resume, starting with your most recent employer. If you have a long employment history, organize using headings such as “Relevant Work History” or “Recent Work History”
• If there are gaps in your employment, speak to them in a professional manner
• If you are a student and have only had seasonal or summer jobs, list them as “Summer 2009” or “Winter 2010” as opposed to 06/09-08/09

Additional information
We value the unique talents and accomplishments you can bring to our team so tell us about them!
• List any relevant awards or accomplishments you have made
• You do not need to include hobbies unless they relate directly to the position for which you are applying


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